Pumped Up Kicks

These photos a part of an experimental fashion shooting I  worked on today.

Adina 11



Small Things

I wanted to create something warm, story-telling, that anyone could relate to.

Ana 19



Winter Wonderland

I went out the other day to do a series of night shots while it was snowing. I found lots of great elements that I could play with, including other photographers. What I love about these photos is the way the blue is so calm, yet intense and how it all blends in with the blacks. (Thank you, Ana! ^_^)

Art 03

She Wants Revenge

Today I shot a few photos. The lighting was good but I couldn’t manage to find a good background so I improvised with the textures and lines on the exterior wall of a building. The colors in the background complemented those of the model’s clothes, creating a great balance of color.

Izzy 16



Damned If She Do

Another set of bright, great photos.


Today with a lot of help from little Io and Miruna we created a beautiful short film which we are proud of because it shines, it has great and mysterious characters and a delightful story.


Goodnight Bad Morning

One of my favorite photo shootings until now. We had a lot of locations, good light and a great model.


Heavy Burden

She’s one of my dearest friends so when she asked me to take a few photos of her I instantly said yes. Pictures turned out well and have somewhat of a personality, something fragile and yet strong.